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Tim AtkinsDirector of Religious Education, Morristown Unitarian Fellowship

My UU Story
I was born in Indianapolis and moved to Columbus, GA when I was 10, just a few months before my dad died suddenly.  This was my first introduction to a greater spiritual problem and a greater spiritual ritual, as I had grown up unchurched.  In High School, I became a fundamentalist atheist, rebelling hard against the conservative Christian culture of my south Georgia public high school.  I attended Georgia Tech, where after a foray into Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, I graduated with a degree in Public Policy.  I was very involved with Social Justice and later political campaigns while a student at Tech, and it opened my eyes to greater service.  After graduation in 2005, I took the online Belief-o-Matic quiz, as I was searching for some sort of community in Atlanta.  It popped up UU 100% – and I assumed any religion that agreed with me 100% of the time wasn’t a real religion.  I gave it a try a year later at my home congregation of UUCA (Atlanta), and never looked back.
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