In defense of logos and branding…

The biggest complaint I’ve heard about the new UUA logo isn’t that it looks like <fill in the blank with whatever you’re projecting on to it>, it’s the cost that goes into branding.  Because that money could best be spent on <fill in the blank with whatever your pet peeve/cause is>.

Look, we all have […]

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I have power and so do you. And that’s ok.

So the more trainings, workshops, and meetings I go to, the more I see how the topic of power is always so dicey.  It seems like many Unitarian Universalists really don’t like the idea that they have personal power, especially in a congregational setting. (But they do hope they have political power to change […]

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I support Tamara Payne-Alex for Moderator. And here’s why.

I support Tamara Payne-Alex for Moderator.


-Accountability matters.

There was quite a long period where the conflict between the Board/Moderator and the President dominated this race, although I don’t think that’s the case anymore.  Even before the argument over the consultant got hot and heavy, Tamara had put out a blog post about accountability here:  […]

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Center for Innovation in UU Ministry

A lot of people have ideas for innovative UU ministry.  A lot.  I mean, I’ve even got one I’m tossing around and I’m not even a minister.  And I know just from talking with people that others have ideas too.  But like myself, they might not know how to begin.  They might not have […]

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Relationship building is not a substitute for Mission. Or anything else.

Ok.  Is it just me, or are a lot of folks saying that relationship building is how we need to respond to the conflict between the Board and the President?  A lot of people seem to be up in arms over right relationships, and you even see it with the moderator race, where Key […]

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The Strategic Vision, and a rant about Content Curation vs. Creation

So, based off this post on Tom Schade’s site that’s a reprint of something Gini posted to some UUMA email list or chat or something, the 100k is in part to better come up with a strategic plan.  From that post,
“The Board responded by authorizing the use of $100,000 from reserves for a management […]

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I don’t want governance by platitudes – Scattered Thoughts on Governance, Consultants, and more.

(So, if you want some background, check out the UU World, Tom Schade and Sarah Stewart)

I don’t want governance by platitudes.  Now, I freely admit that I’m on the outside looking in, but when I look at the UUA I don’t see a lot of concrete stuff coming out, especially from President Morales.  I […]

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We moved from Boston to Boston.

We moved from Boston to Boston.

So I’m not the world’s most excited with the news about this move down the road of the UUA HQ.  Don’t get me wrong – yes, it’s a positive step getting the HQ staff under one accessible (in all ways) roof, but really.  Are there really people that excited […]

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My vision of how and why social media and Unitarian Universalism work well together.

The Minns Lecture, going on right now as a matter of fact, is being presented by two wonderful and amazing colleagues, Rev. Naomi King and Peter Bowden.  A month or so ago, Rev. Naomi asked me for my thoughts on how Social Media and Unitarian Universalism go together, and what my vision would be.  […]

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