22 Quotes on Leadership from Think Orange 2017

After attending the past three Think Orange Tours in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was finally able to attend the main Think Orange Conference in Atlanta in April 2017. The conference was fantastic, re-inspired me as a religious educator, and I hope to be a regular attendee.  You’ll be seeing plenty of posts this year that reflect back […]

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The worst thing we can do is go numb.

The shooting at the Planned Parenthood Clinic, as many of you heard Sunday, affected me on a deep level as a volunteer abortion clinic escort. The shooting in San Bernardino just destroyed me, as it destroyed so many of you. I’m feeling just emotionally spent.

How do we keep hope alive when this year there […]

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Prophetic Followers

There are a lot of prophetic leaders right now within Unitarian Universalism, and it’s a wonderful thing.  We’re talking about things that five years ago I could have only hoped we’d be discussing.  Just within the last 24 hours, I was incredibly moved by Meg Riley’s call to wear the mantle of our faith […]

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