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A foundational question for your UU Religious Education program you probably haven’t asked

What is the point of your Unitarian Universalist Religious Education program?
At the Think Orange conference, it was assumed that most everyone, in the end, had the same goal for their religious education program – to grow young hearts for Jesus. We don’t have that same kind of unifying goal among congregations. Sure you could […]

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12 Quotes on Ministry & Family Ministry from Think Orange 2017

After attending the past three Think Orange Tours in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, I was finally able to attend the main Think Orange Conference in Atlanta in April 2017. The conference was fantastic, re-inspired me as a religious educator, and I hope to be a regular attendee.  You’ll be seeing plenty of posts this year that […]

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Three Words to Guide your Religious Education Ministry in 2016

New Year’s is a time to reflect on how you want to change for the upcoming year. As a religious educator where the church year is tied to the school year, it’s easy for us to think the new year really kicking off in August or September. But we never should put off innovating […]

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No, we shouldn’t be paying Religious Education teachers.

Paying teachers is a sign of not only a religious education program in trouble, but it’s a sign of a dying congregation. Religious Education should be part of the mission of any congregation in any denomination. With our deep history around Sunday School, it should especially be the mission of any Unitarian Universalist Congregation. […]

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Multigenerational and not Intergenerational

The difference between multigenerational and intergenerational has been on my mind these past few weeks as I have begun my new life as a Director of Religious Education.  In the past I used the two as synonyms, as I imagine most folks out there.  But the more I ponder the two when thinking about […]

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The Incubator Model

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Our 2030s group in Atlanta is modeled off what I call the incubator model.  Here are five tenets to an incubator group:

An incubator group focuses on regular fellowship first to build community before focusing on programming.
An incubator group is radically welcome, constantly on guard against cliquish mentality while building […]

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