There are a lot of prophetic leaders right now within Unitarian Universalism, and it’s a wonderful thing.  We’re talking about things that five years ago I could have only hoped we’d be discussing.  Just within the last 24 hours, I was incredibly moved by Meg Riley’s call to wear the mantle of our faith and Rev. Joanna Crawford’s call to greater Love.  We have such incredibly spirit filled, spirit moving calls to our best selves and be our best religion that I find myself moved to do more.  And I feel like we’re in the midst of some sort of Awakening.

We have a surfeit of prophetic leaders with loud voices.  And it’s a glorious thing.

But, it’s also possible that we’re striving to all be prophetic leaders, and none of us prophetic followers.  I’m reminded of this video:

In order to grow, we need prophetic leaders.  In order to grow, we need prophetic followers.  With our emphasis on building leadership, how are we building up prophetic followership?  Discipleship?

How are we teaching what it means to be a faithful follower?  We want to teach our children (and adults) to be leaders, but when leadership also means the first follower – how do we teach essential discipleship?